You may not be unaware of some of the services available through your Federal Member of Parliament. As your member, I am able to offer a range of services to the community, and my electorate staff are available to assist you with any enquiries or concerns you may have including matters relating to immigration, Centrelink and other Federal Government services. Listed below are some examples, but if you have a question not covered here, please contact me.

Community Organisations

If you are a member of a community organisation please update us on your details. If you have holding an event, we would also like to know. We hire our marquees for events free of charge, and can also provide complimentary water.

Photocopying Services

A complimentary photocopying service is available via our electorate office for not-for-profit organisations. Please contact the office by phone or email to make arrangements.

Letters of Support

We are happy to provide letters of support to not-for-profit organisations who are applying for government funding. We do require information to assist us in formulating our response, so please send through your reason for a letter and any extra details you can provide.

Please allow 2 weeks to process.

Electoral Enrolment

If you are 17 or have recently turned 18, moved house or changed your name, you will need to complete a new electoral enrolment form. To check your current enrolment details, visit the Australian Electoral Commission by clicking on the link below. Information concerning changes to enrolment deadlines are available from the website below:

Seniors Cards

If you are 60 years or older, you may be eligible for a Seniors Card or Seniors Business Card. These cards provide access to government concessions and business discounts. Information brochures and applications forms are available from the electorate office or by linking to the form below.

For more information on seniors discounts and entitlements, you can visit the Department of Communities website.